Foreign Objects Inserted in the Body Orifices for Sexual Pleasures Can be Harmful

Woman Lose a Thermometer in Her Bladder

I assisted the urologist on this case

At 10:00 a.m., on a weekday morning, a young woman was brought into the operating room in a state of fright. Her X-rays revealed a thermometer cross way inside her urinary bladder. When asked how did the thermometer get into her bladder?  She stated, “My girlfriend and I were playing around with the thermometer to see how hot we could get, and I lost the thermometer.” 

Because of the position of the thermometer in her bladder, the urologist could not remove it, and had to get a surgeon to perform a major operation on this woman, to remove the thermometer from her urinary bladder.
The urologist informed me that in all the many years of his profession, he has never witnessed anything of this nature. He said, he has removed match sticks from the urethral meatus of some males, who insert them in their penis to maintain an erection.

*Foreign objects inserted into the urethral meatus, or any part of the body orifices for sexual pleasures can be dangerous to do. It can cause an infection that can lead to serious complication, resulting in a medical procedure to remove the object or major operation.

 Written by: Ellen J. Barrier

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