Lupus is a disease of the immune system. It is believed to claim large numbers of lives yearly. This disease can damage the skin, joints brain and other organs. 

Lupus can cause the immune system to attack and destroy healthy body tissue.  People suffering from Lupus symptoms also experience pain and fatigue. Lupus is an autoimmune chronic disease, which means, it can be treated until there is a cure.

The best treatment available should include nutrition along with medication, which patients would receive from their physician. For more information on Lupus, visit the book store link below.

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The Importance of Exercise for a Healthy Heart

When we exercise our body parts, we are exercising our heart.  Exercising increases the efficiency of contraction and output of the heart per beat. 

The heart of a physically fit person has an increase in blood output per heartbeat. Therefore, such an individual’s heart does not need to beat as fast during exercise.  The demand on the heart output (blood pumped per minute) remains constant while resting. Therefore, the heart rate that is needed to maintain this output is less in a physically fit person.

During Rest:  Blood Flow per Minute
Brain__   ½ pint (0.25 liter)
Skin__ 1 pint (0.5 liter)
Muscles__ 2 pints (1 liter)
Coronary arteries ½ pint (0.25 liter)
Digestive system /liver__ 3 pints (1.5 liters)
Kidneys 1 ½ pints (0.75 liter)
Your body makes enormous demands on your heart under different conditions.  At rest, the total blood volume is pumped in about one minute.

During Exercise: Blood Flow per Minute
Brain__  ½ pint (0.25 liter)
Skin___ 4 pints (2 liters)
Muscles__ 24 pints (12 liters)
Coronary arteries __ 1 ½ pints (0.75 liter)
Digestive System /liver__ 1 pint (0.5 liter)
Kidneys__ 1 ½ pints (0.75 liter)
During strenuous exercise, there is a major change in the rate of blood flow through different parts of the body. This is brought about by changes in the degree of constriction of the small arteries.

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