Drug-Resistant Germs

The outlook for drug resistant germs means a threat of new diseases.
Hospitals throughout the world are faced with the threat of new diseases, due to the most potent antibiotics on the market, are becoming weaker. Many germs are resistant to every known drug. The spread of drug-resistant microorganisms have the infectious disease experts concerned.
There are presently more than 100 antibiotics on the market. In the past, doctors have been able to use them as alternates. The fear is that there will come a day when there will not be any alternates to prescribe. Their concern is for patients who receive antibiotics to treat diseases caused by drug-resistant germs, is the inconvenience and financial loss that ends in no cures.

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Written by Ellen J. Barrier
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Book: Volume 2 Chapter V: The Cause of Sicknesses and Diseases
From The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins
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Accepting Responsibility for Your Health is Necessary

Health Information for Nutrition by Ellen J. Barrier

In our daily life being able to accept responsibility for our judgment is absolutely necessary.
We start with our health, and character. It is our decision to choose the food we eat, whether we want to exercise and how we behave toward others.  A healthy attitude reduces stress that can cause body aches and discomfort.
Eating the right food and getting the nutrition needed for your body to function properly and exercising is making a rational judgment  by accepting the responsibility for your health. Having self-control is important.  For Example, a vegetable salad with lots of shredded cheese and dressing staked  on top is an unhealthy salad.
 When  I get a box of chocolates, I will eat 1 or 2 pieces of the candy. I do not eat the whole box of chocolates.
If we allow ourselves to eat without having limits as to how much we should eat, we risk allowing the food to control us. Poor health is the result of poor health habits, caused by poor judgment.
How much we eat and how the food is prepared is important to our health.

Meat that is broiled, baked, or grilled, are preferable to me for good health. Steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, cereal, and nuts are good food sources. In the book, How to Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed  Chapter 8 NUTRITION God’s Way For Mankind, the reader will find the following information.
Recommended Food Groups For Proper Nutrition
Foods Containing Protein
Foods Containing Carbohydrates
Foods Containing Iron
Table of Vitamins
Exercises to Relieve Tension and Muscle Toning Illustrations
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Foreign Objects Inserted in the Body Orifices for Sexual Pleasures Can be Harmful

Woman Lose a Thermometer in Her Bladder

I assisted the urologist on this case

At 10:00 a.m., on a weekday morning, a young woman was brought into the operating room in a state of fright. Her X-rays revealed a thermometer cross way inside her urinary bladder. When asked how did the thermometer get into her bladder?  She stated, “My girlfriend and I were playing around with the thermometer to see how hot we could get, and I lost the thermometer.” 

Because of the position of the thermometer in her bladder, the urologist could not remove it, and had to get a surgeon to perform a major operation on this woman, to remove the thermometer from her urinary bladder.
The urologist informed me that in all the many years of his profession, he has never witnessed anything of this nature. He said, he has removed match sticks from the urethral meatus of some males, who insert them in their penis to maintain an erection.

*Foreign objects inserted into the urethral meatus, or any part of the body orifices for sexual pleasures can be dangerous to do. It can cause an infection that can lead to serious complication, resulting in a medical procedure to remove the object or major operation.

 Written by: Ellen J. Barrier