Defend Your Goals: Face Your Challenger & Don't Back Down!

Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Spirituality Counselor
When facing your challenger, don't back down!  Defend your goal. You have to draw upon  your mental and spiritual strength that is within you, in order to persevere. Many people will discontinue their process for completing their goals, when facing their challenger. Many will stop exercising, and return to poor eating habits, and neglect their health, and some will dropout of school, leaving their education to suffer. And some will enter into habits that can destroy themselves and harm others.

Many years ago, there lived a man by the name of Paul. While speaking to a group of people around a campfire, a poisonous snake came out of the fire and bit him, and held onto his hand. Paul shook that snake off, back into the fire, and continued to speak to the people. His goal was to deliver his message to them. And he accomplished that goal. He didn't allow his challenger to defeat him. He drew upon that strength that was within him, that allowed him to defend his goal. He faced his challenger, and didn't back down.

Challenges will come unexpectedly, to try to throw us off of our game. But we must persevere-  whether financial,  personal relationships, an attack on health,  or what ever they may be; We must stay focused on our goals. If we allow ourselves to focus on our challengers, they will win. We must never allow ourselves to give up: Keep moving forward like the bikers, Keep helping others with their heavy burdens, like the weightlifters, and keep fighting for justice against those who inflict evil upon the innocent, like the champs in the ring. Standing together as one nation, we will complete our goals.

_ Ellen J. Barrier

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Post - Traumatic Stress Disorder

 The etiology of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is related to a traumatic experience that happened to an individual or is one they witnessed. If an individual has experienced a traumatic event, such as a near death situation or has been in a situation such as a soldier fighting on a battle field where psychological trauma occurs, it can have a serious affect on that individual's mind and health. For many years after wars, our soldiers have informed of the symptoms of PTSD, but they weren't taken seriously. Many have suffered silently. They felt that no one cared. And who can blame them? Also, in some cases of near drowning and sexual assaults, some of these individuals have reported symptoms of PTSD. This is a very serious health condition that many people suffer from.

_ Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Medical Professional

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Children Behaving Badly

Ellen J. Barrier/
Author/Spirituality Counselor

Somewhere along the path of parenting, many parents of today, have neglected their responsibility to teach and discipline their children. The stories written below will prove my statement to be true.

Student Rejected by University Due to Murder Charges

A 42-year-old female was bludgeoned to death by her 14-year-old daughter. After the killing, the girl and her boyfriend tried to make the death appear to have been a suicide by sticking a carving knife into the side of her mother's neck. The number of blows delivered to the victim's head by her daughter were said to have been at least 13. The daughter reportedly took the time to wipe up pools of blood in the kitchen.

Daughter's Profile:
IQ: 150
Honor Society Member, tennis team co-captain, tutor of underprivileged kids.
At the time of her mother's death the 14-year-old girl was nearly a straight A student and was the head of her student government class.

Mother's Profile:
The mother reportedly was drunk at the time she was murdered.

Court's Decision:
The judge presiding over this case, placed the girl in juvenile detention for a few months, then granted her permission to relocate and begin a new life. She reportedly, lived with an aunt until the age of 16, and moved into her own apartment supporting herself on a modest  trust fund.

Education continued:
At the age of 19-years-old, the university that this student applied to, had accepted her application, but withdrew it after someone sent them a newspaper clipping  about the killing. A question on the application asked if a student had ever been on probation? She being the applicant, had been on probation until the age of 18, as a condition of pleading no contest in the killing of her mother.

Her attorney stated, she was not obligated to disclose something that happened when she was a minor.

The Student's Views About Her Past History:
"I deal with this tragedy everyday on a personal level.  It serves no good purpose for anyone else to dredge up the pain of my childhood".

*Another university accepted the 19-year-old female.

The Price We Must Pay for Our Father's Sins
Part 2: "The Mirror of Society"
This is a true story: Student Rejected by University Due to Murder Charges
Location and date where this event occurred, will remain in the book.

Questions for Discussion:

1. Does it appear that the 19-year-old was given special treatment by the judge?
2. Do you feel that she was ever punished for the murder of her mother?
3. Does it appear that she is remorseful for the crime she committed?
4. Should she have explained this incident to the university at the time she
    submitted her application? Why?

5. The attorney for the 19-year-old stated, she was not obligated to disclose the
     information involving the killing of her mother, because it happened when she
     was a minor. Do you agree with the attorney? Why?

6.  Was the university's decision not to allow the student to attend college there,
      justifiable? Why?
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