Mental Health: Depression; Psychosis; Stress

Ellen J. Barrier

The first thing I will address is Mental Hygiene. It is the science of maintaining healthy mental, and emotional responses - and preventing psychosis. I will address psychosis later. When an individual experience any kind of  loss or a traumatic change in their life, the mental capacity of that individual, is deeply altered. The first response of every individual, is to search for the answer within themselves, to fix the problem. Within all of us lies emotions: In time of a broken relationship, the first response to fix the problem, is often the wrong one.
Because understandable there is disappointment, anger, and hurt. The physical part of us, want to get even. We want revenge, to hurt somebody, the same way they hurt us or worse. Therefore, we aren't thinking rational. That response will be too costly - there will be consequences to follow.

Within all of us, are our feelings. They come from deep within our spiritual being, called the Soul:
Feelings, of love, happiness, joy, strength, hope and positive thoughts. Those things become almost nonexistence in times of losses. The feelings of hopelessness, sadness, anger, fear, weakness, and negative thoughts, will push themselves to the front within the mind, and will overcome the strength that was always there, to find answers and fix problems by making rational decisions.

The majority of us, focus on the physical part of our beings. And take our Mental Health for granted. And never prepare ourselves to keep a healthy mind. In order to prevent psychosis, we have to work on our Mental Health daily. We have to keep looking for ways to strengthen our Mental Health, with the adequate nourishment and care. So that we will be able to maintain healthy mental and emotional responses to problems when they occur. This is Mental Hygiene.

There is another part of our being, that is called the soul. In that part of our makeup, we have to place  spiritual things, that will give us the ability to "Do the right thing," treating others the way we would like to be treated, being kind, doing good deeds, making the right decisions, using good judgment, putting priorities in the proper order and focusing closely on our health.  

If the soul of a human being is unhealthy, then the mind is going to be unhealthy. And when mental trauma, occurs, and such individual look for strength within themselves, to fix their problems - they find they aren't strong enough. They loose the battle and become stressed. When the stress cannot be dealt with adequately, then depression set in, and when such an individual sinks into a deep depression, then psychosis will attack the mind - and can lead to suicide and murder of others. Next, I will talk about Mental Depression:

Mental Depression: A mental state characterized by dejection, lack of hope, and absence of cheerfulness. It is observed in Manic Depressive Psychoses.

Psychosis: (pertaining to the mind and soul) A condition manifested in the behavior, emotional reaction, and ideation of the  person. The individual has lost contact with reality, antisocial, shows abnormal behavior responses, and is unable to make righteous judgments.

Psychosis Manic - Depression: Unstable mood, sad and unhappy, can appear in any series of sequence alternating with periods of normalcy. But ordinarily are series where there are Psychotic Depression  or excessive well-being. Personality changes occurs.

*When we look into the depth of Mental Disorders, we find that they can become severe if not controlled:

Schizophrenia-A group of mental disorders characterized by disturbances in thinking, mood and behavior. An altered concept of reality and in some cases, delusions and hallucinations. Mood changes include  inappropriate emotional responses and loss of empathy, acts withdrawn, and regressive, bizarre behavior may be noted.

Simple Schizopherenic- The victim becomes dull emotionally, loses ambition and withdraw. There is no serious intellectual impairment.

Paranoid Schizopherenic- Develops extensive delusions of persecution. General characteristics are: sensitiveness, suspiciousness, jealousy, brooding, excessive self-consciousness, fixed ideas that develop into well-systematized logical delusions, megalomania (has the inability to distinguish between right and wrong)

Catatonic Schizophrenic-The victim is unresponsive. Has the tendency to assume and remain in a fixed posture, and refuse to move or talk. May show stereotyped excitement or stimulate a stupor, though lucid, and clearly recalls the episode if recovery occurs. A vague sense of being two personalities and of having changed occur.

Hebephrenic Schizophrenic- Often expresses childish behavior and mannerisms. Characterized  by bizarre, illogical and senseless thought processes and actions, delusions and hallucinations. Wild excitement one moment may be replaced by depression and crying, alternating with laughing hysterically often without cause and talking incoherently and excessively.

I decided to take you further into the deeper part of Mental disorders, to make the case for the importance of taking care of the whole body. There are many people who are suffering silently. These disorders could have been avoided, if they had received the proper help. There have to be a combination of help to cure Mental Disorders.
Help: Spiritual Counselling, Medical Treatment, Exercising, Nutrition, Finding a Hobby, Getting Out Of The House and engaging in things that treat the whole person.

I hadn't wanted to go this deep into Mental Disorders. However, I feel the need to, due to there are lots of individuals experiencing financial losses, loss of health, loss of their homes, and loss of marriages and other personal things of importance to them. I too have experienced losses. I understand how one can easily become a victim to stress. I wrote some of my own experiences in the book "How To Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed"  I shared how I overcame the demons that robbed my sleep. and tried to destroy my life.  Chapter 14 - How to deal with stress.
If you would like a copy of this book, it is available:

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Living With Stress and Coming Out!

Ellen J.  Barrier

Shared by: Margine  Mims

My name is Mrs. Margine Mims, and I am 71- years- of- age. Also, I'm a mother of nine ( 9) children, twenty-seven (27) grandchildren, and twelve great-grandchildren. I was born and reared in Dangerfield, Texas in a small community known as Piney Heights. I have been a life-time member of Faith Temple Church of God in Christ, which is located in Dangerfield, Texas; my pastor is Pastor Alfred Key, Sr. I'm a proud founder of the non-profit organization named Black Community Scholarship Foundation, which was established to help young black males/females achieve their educational goals. Also, I am the District President of the purity class and the youth group at my Church.

Some of my other activities include volunteering my services to U.S.D.A, which is a service available to elderly people to get their homes repaired. Therefore, I help prospective applicants complete their applications. Although I am a very blessed woman, I just like others, have to go through my share of trials and tribulations. Some of my trials and tribulations consist of losing my grand son, Chris, who played football for the Miami Hurricanes and enrolled in a graduate school, died in a car accident in February of 2002.

Another drastic event that I had to encounter, was loosing my oldest son, Elder Willie Searcy, to a battle of cancer. Willie, was the founder of the Marantha Church of God in Christ, located in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Two years later, (2006), death came and took my husband, Milton Mims; he died of heart problems. It was during these trying times that stress had entered my life. I   realized that my heartaches and all that pain inside, was too much for me to handle.

Therefore, I began to ask myself, What is Stress? Stress is a force, pressure, and strain that produces a change in one's life, which is what I had experienced. All of those bad things (death of love ones) that happened to me brought about a change in my life; I began feeling frustrated, unhappy, and very overwhelmed. Because of the stress, my daily life was affected greatly. I started making bad decisions and could not handle or deal with daily tasks. At that time, I did not understand why I couldn't function as I  normally did in the past, especially with the simplest things in my life, but now, I know it was stress, which does dramatically affect the mind and body, and makes it harder to cope with everyday living.

I could talk a life time about stress, but words alone, cannot describe how stress affects a person. I was feeling sick with symptoms such as high blood pressure out of control, depressed, tensed, having anxiety attacks, severe headaches, had mood swings, and restless/tired constantly. Stress, is a spirit that the devil plants in your mind, and the spirit talks to you and keeps you from sleeping at night. I would wake up tired and weak, which would make everyday hard for me to function.

I had allowed stress to take over to the point, where I couldn't thank God, because I thought he had forgotten me. I felt helpless, and didn't think I could rely on anyone. So, I began to go to the doctor, who would inform me that I was "Just under a lot of stress, as well as a state of depression," which I didn't want to accept. It was hard for me to believe it was stress, that was making my life so miserable. Needless to say, the doctor gave me some medications, which didn't make me feel better, actually, it made me feel worse.

I began to lose weight because I didn't have any desire or appetite to eat. I almost gave up on my health. I would just lay around the house, and isolated myself from everyone. But, thank God for deliverance.

One day a missionary came to my house and laid hands on me and prayed for my deliverance. I began to realize that God had sent me a message through this woman. God was telling me how to get my life back in order, because he was not through with me yet. He was telling me, how to eliminate stress, and start living again. God stepped in, right on time, as he always has. God told me to "Go to church at noon everyday and pray, and lay before him." I was to read his word and continually praise him and lift him up - give Him th Glory. He put his words in my mouth to speak to his people.

When  he gave me the answer that I had been seeking, I decided that I would not live a stressful life. I knew that I now have a way out from under the devil -stress, which was through God 's word. The word says, "I will not leave you nor forsake you. Lo, I am with you always even unto the end of the world."(Matthew 28:20).

It was then my life began to change in the direction that God guided. I began sleeping on my Bible, anointing myself and speaking God's words to the stress demons. Yet, it seemed like the more I spoke God's words, the more the mountain of stress would try to build. It was then and there, that I made up my mind that the devil is a liar and that God's words work. "Wherefore, take unto you the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand." (Ephesians 6:13-14). I found out that the enemy yields only to what he must and what is taken. Therefore, the ground must be taken.

God's word gave me the authority to take my life back. He let me know the scriptures can't be broken. I continued to pray everyday, and read other books on God's healing. I did these things because healing was what I needed.  Every morning and night, I would read God's word and quote it. I had to learn through his word. There are many people who are saved and stressed out, because the  aren't taking care of their bodies and mind.

They need to learn to relax, and meditate on God's words. And, do what he says. You cannot allow the devil to put the spirit of stress in your life. Remember, your body is your temple of the Holy Ghost. God wants us to do the right things (spiritually) eat healthy, exercise, relax etc. Keep in mind, that prayer is key to all mental sickness. You need to be aware that stress damages the mind and body; You need to control your stress -don't let it control you. Always read the words and stay in touch with God, so you will be prepared when stress arrive. 

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Eating Healthy

Ellen J. Barrier

Eating Healthy

   I was raised on green leafy vegetables, and corn bread, in my diet. It is very difficult, to get many of our young people, to eat vegetables. The vitamins, in  green leafy vegetables, are very necessary. Let’s start with the Green Family:
The Green Family: 
Turnip greens
Mustard greens
Collard greens

Health benefits: 
Vitamin A-carotene fat soluble, but not to continued high temperatures above 100 degrees celsius.

Essential for growth in children, increases resistance to infections in the urinary and respiratory systems,
Increases lactation, reproduction, appetite, aids in food digestion.

Vitamin A Food Sources:
green leafy and yellow vegetables
prunes, pineapples, oranges, limes, cantaloupes, liver, butter, butterfat in milk, egg yolk, cod-liver oil

Vitamin A Deficiency:

Interference with growth, reduces resistance to infections, interference with nutrition of the skin, impairs visual activity, causes night blindness, impairs growth and development in children.

Book Recommended: "How To Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed"
* Information: Good Food & Best Food  Sources/ Vitamin Table found in Chapter 8.
Nutrition: God’s Way For Mankind & Exercises: To Relieve Tension And Tone Muscles  

Title: How To Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed
Copyright© 1994
George C. Barrier Sr. &   Ellen J. Barrier

Price: $15.75

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Controlling Stress

Many people encounter stress, due to lack of scheduling their daily tasks. Some wait, until the very last minute, before doing anything. Scheduling, my tasks a day ahead, make them easier for me, the next day.

Before I started scheduling, my tasks were overwhelming! Trying to get too many things accomplished - caused difficulty in sleeping. This brought on sleep apnea attacks. Working outside of the home, being a parent, and spouse - and having to attend events, can be very stressful!  And increasingly stressful, if you are a student or a career parent.
I can relate to all of the above.

Scheduling Tasks

Never schedule more than you know, you can do.  Start with a few tasks for each day. Make a six-day schedule.  Make a shopping list. Plan the shopping list, on the day, that is not your shopping day. This allows to carefully list all of the things you will need, until you need to visit the store again. Never wait until you run out of food, before you go shopping. When I shop, I buy enough food to last for two weeks. But, I will visit the store two days, before I run out of food.

*Laundry should never be done while other tasks are being performed.
*Plan your menu for the next day, and don’t alter your plan.

 Holiday preparation:

1.Start shopping several days ahead of the holiday:
2.House cleaning and shopping, shouldn’t be done on the same day
3.purchase foods that you know your family will eat
4.Shop when you aren’t rushed for time
5.Shopping for food and gifts for the holidays, aren’t stressful when done on  
   separates days
6. Shop for gifts on the days  you have more time to spend in the store.
7. Pick a time of the day or night, that you feel the stores in your community
    are less crowded.

Allowing Time for Yourself

   This is very difficult to do. But when it is done, it relieves tension, that causes stress.
Before going to bed, take time to unwind. Find something that helps you to relax. Never schedule any tasks for all 7 days of  the week. Use one day to have some freedom.

   I found that sitting on the floor and stretching, along with taking deep breaths and some other forms, of exercises - I came up with, help me to relax, and sleep more comfortably. Since these exercises, have greatly helped me, I want to share them with others.

__ Ellen J. Barrier

Illustrations, and information, for exercising - and stress related illnesses, are listed in the book below:

Chapter 8: Exercises to Relieve Tension and Tone Muscles
Chapter 14: How to Deal with Stress

Book: "How to Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed"
ISBN: 978-0-9794043-0-6
Copyright© 1994
Price: $15.75
Authors: George C. Barrier Sr., & Ellen J. Barrier

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