Defend Your Goals: Face Your Challenger & Don't Back Down!

Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Spirituality Counselor
When facing your challenger, don't back down!  Defend your goal. You have to draw upon  your mental and spiritual strength that is within you, in order to persevere. Many people will discontinue their process for completing their goals, when facing their challenger. Many will stop exercising, and return to poor eating habits, and neglect their health, and some will dropout of school, leaving their education to suffer. And some will enter into habits that can destroy themselves and harm others.

Many years ago, there lived a man by the name of Paul. While speaking to a group of people around a campfire, a poisonous snake came out of the fire and bit him, and held onto his hand. Paul shook that snake off, back into the fire, and continued to speak to the people. His goal was to deliver his message to them. And he accomplished that goal. He didn't allow his challenger to defeat him. He drew upon that strength that was within him, that allowed him to defend his goal. He faced his challenger, and didn't back down.

Challenges will come unexpectedly, to try to throw us off of our game. But we must persevere-  whether financial,  personal relationships, an attack on health,  or what ever they may be; We must stay focused on our goals. If we allow ourselves to focus on our challengers, they will win. We must never allow ourselves to give up: Keep moving forward like the bikers, Keep helping others with their heavy burdens, like the weightlifters, and keep fighting for justice against those who inflict evil upon the innocent, like the champs in the ring. Standing together as one nation, we will complete our goals.

_ Ellen J. Barrier

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Post - Traumatic Stress Disorder

 The etiology of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is related to a traumatic experience that happened to an individual or is one they witnessed. If an individual has experienced a traumatic event, such as a near death situation or has been in a situation such as a soldier fighting on a battle field where psychological trauma occurs, it can have a serious affect on that individual's mind and health. For many years after wars, our soldiers have informed of the symptoms of PTSD, but they weren't taken seriously. Many have suffered silently. They felt that no one cared. And who can blame them? Also, in some cases of near drowning and sexual assaults, some of these individuals have reported symptoms of PTSD. This is a very serious health condition that many people suffer from.

_ Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Medical Professional

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Children Behaving Badly

Ellen J. Barrier/
Author/Spirituality Counselor

Somewhere along the path of parenting, many parents of today, have neglected their responsibility to teach and discipline their children. The stories written below will prove my statement to be true.

Student Rejected by University Due to Murder Charges

A 42-year-old female was bludgeoned to death by her 14-year-old daughter. After the killing, the girl and her boyfriend tried to make the death appear to have been a suicide by sticking a carving knife into the side of her mother's neck. The number of blows delivered to the victim's head by her daughter were said to have been at least 13. The daughter reportedly took the time to wipe up pools of blood in the kitchen.

Daughter's Profile:
IQ: 150
Honor Society Member, tennis team co-captain, tutor of underprivileged kids.
At the time of her mother's death the 14-year-old girl was nearly a straight A student and was the head of her student government class.

Mother's Profile:
The mother reportedly was drunk at the time she was murdered.

Court's Decision:
The judge presiding over this case, placed the girl in juvenile detention for a few months, then granted her permission to relocate and begin a new life. She reportedly, lived with an aunt until the age of 16, and moved into her own apartment supporting herself on a modest  trust fund.

Education continued:
At the age of 19-years-old, the university that this student applied to, had accepted her application, but withdrew it after someone sent them a newspaper clipping  about the killing. A question on the application asked if a student had ever been on probation? She being the applicant, had been on probation until the age of 18, as a condition of pleading no contest in the killing of her mother.

Her attorney stated, she was not obligated to disclose something that happened when she was a minor.

The Student's Views About Her Past History:
"I deal with this tragedy everyday on a personal level.  It serves no good purpose for anyone else to dredge up the pain of my childhood".

*Another university accepted the 19-year-old female.

The Price We Must Pay for Our Father's Sins
Part 2: "The Mirror of Society"
This is a true story: Student Rejected by University Due to Murder Charges
Location and date where this event occurred, will remain in the book.

Questions for Discussion:

1. Does it appear that the 19-year-old was given special treatment by the judge?
2. Do you feel that she was ever punished for the murder of her mother?
3. Does it appear that she is remorseful for the crime she committed?
4. Should she have explained this incident to the university at the time she
    submitted her application? Why?

5. The attorney for the 19-year-old stated, she was not obligated to disclose the
     information involving the killing of her mother, because it happened when she
     was a minor. Do you agree with the attorney? Why?

6.  Was the university's decision not to allow the student to attend college there,
      justifiable? Why?
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Menopause & Physical Fitness

 During the lifetime of a woman, her body will encounter many changes. She will experience her menstrual cycle, one or more pregnancies, and menopause.  With each of these conditions, she will experience a different change in her body, which will be both physical and psychological.

    If the woman doesn’t adequately care for her health, she could become seriously ill. When experiencing menopause, it is helpful to visit with other women, who have experienced this medical ordeal. The best care is to have a good diet, that consists of plenty fruits, and vegetables. Drink lots of nutritious liquids and water.  Including Vitamins & Minerals in the diet, are helpful. Rest as often as possible, and exercise daily.

About Menopause

Menopause, is the cessation of menstrual cycles. It occurs between the age of 35 and 58 years of life. A woman’s menstrual cycles may stop suddenly, or there may be a decrease in flow each month, until there is a final cessation, or the interval between periods may be lengthened, until complete cessation has been accomplished.

Some Symptoms To Look For
Feeling hot and cold

   The best advice I can offer, is how I prepared myself for menopause. It is definitely an experience, that every woman should begin preparing her body for, in early twenties. Most women think that menopause, won’t began until around the age of 50. And they won’t prepare many years earlier. When they began feeling some of the symptoms, they start buying vitamins & minerals, and exercising. Physical fitness, is more than exercising.

_ Ellen J. Barrier

Medical Professional
Product Consultant

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Chapter 5: Volume 2
The Cause of Sicknesses and Diseases
Available @

Diabetes affects the very young as well as the old. There are several kinds of diabetic diseases: brittle, bronze, insipidus, juvenile-onset and mellitus.  Treatment consists of diet, insulin and exercise. With the proper care those who have diabetes, can function as well as, those who don't have it. They have the adequate education to understand their body and the disease.  For those who don't have the information they need, and for those who are some-what careless, with their health, the outcome could be a life threatening situation.

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__ Ellen J. Barrier
Medical Professional / Product Consultant

Fibromyalgia affects an estimated 5.8 million Americans.  Symptoms include chronic pain in  muscles, fatigue, stress, painful and tender points in certain parts of the body.  Pain and other symptoms can be relieved through medications and changes in lifestyle. Having a diet and exercise regimen is important, to aid in proper nutrition and stress management.  Another term used for Fibromyalgia is FMS, (Fibromyalgia Syndrome).  Listed below are books on this medical condition.

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The Other Faces of Addiction

 Ellen J. Barrier

Medical Professional
Product Consultant

When most people hear the word addiction, they associate it with heroin, and cocaine. They don't consider the facts behind addiction, those are the other faces. There are other people who are addicted to other things that many of us would think are harmless, which are misguided beliefs. Anything that one feels they can't live without, that satisfies them, and gives them a sense of comfort and security, is an addiction.

The faces behind this kind of addiction are people of all ages, and nationalities, professionals, and nonprofessionals. This kind of addiction, can trick the individual into thinking they are not addicted. And that they are different from those who are using heroin or cocaine. Be it heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco or others, any kind of an addiction is very serious.

My Story:

I once was addicted to crushed ice. I went to bed with a bottle of crushed ice, and I woke up with a desire for my crushed ice. I had to have my crushed ice, throughout the day, and night. I realized that this was not any different than any other addiction, and I prayed to God to help me to get rid of this addiction, and he did. It took me a while, but I defeated that overwhelming desire to have crushed ice.

My problem was so serious, I would freeze a bottle of water, and rap it against the kitchen sink, until the ice was very soft.  (That was a noisy process.)  My husband and children teased me about my ice eating habit. But that didn't bother me, I didn't care. The thing about any addiction is that the individual becomes insensitive to others. Crunching on ice, and making loud noises while breaking the ice into pieces in the bottle was rude, but I was addicted to crushed ice.

I didn't realize any of those things I was doing were wrong. It all seemed harmless. In my weakness, I judged myself, and made the decision that this was O.K., because I wasn't hurting anyone. We all have to have a spiritual awakening before we can come face to face with our weaknesses, in order for us to overcome them.

__ Ellen J. Barrier
"How to Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed"   Rating *****
Authors: George C. Barrier Sr., & Ellen J. Barrier
ISBN: 978-0-9794043-0-6
Copyright© 1994

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__Ellen J. Barrier  
Author / Medical Professional / Product Consultant
I'm going to address stress, because  it is the cause of depression and anxiety. It  is a mental or emotional pressure within the mind that is the root cause of mental disorders. As a nurse I worked with both young and older patients who suffer from mental disorders. Many of the medications, dosage had to be increased due to after a period of time, the present dosage no longer helped. Then there were times when the patient became over medicated and became too drowsy. And of course, some of the medications didn't help any.

Symptoms of Depression:                                 Symptoms of Anxiety:
Worrying                                                              Worrying, irritability
Low energy level                                                  Fear for no reason
Low sexual interest                                              Pounding heart
Forcing oneself to get things done                       Frequent head aches
Irritability                                                               Trouble sleeping
Poor concentration                                              Restlessness
Feeling of hopelessness                                      Poor concentration
Depressed moods                                               Indigestion
Difficulty sleeping                                                 Dizziness

Recommended to read: Chapter 14
"How To Deal With Stress"

How To Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed
Authors: George C. Barrier Sr., & Ellen J. Barrier                               
ISBN: 978-0-9794043-0-6
Copyright© 1994
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Obesity in Childhood

Ellen J. Barrier

Published Author/ Marketing Skills/ Medical Professional Musician/ Product Consultant/ Performing Arts/ Recording Artist/ Songwriter/ Spirituality Counselor/ Creative Writing & Public Speaking.  

What's Really Causing the Childhood Obesity Epidemic?
There are preventative measures that parents can take to prevent childhood obesity. Three things that can be watched closely are, diet, exercise and scheduling. These things should begin when the child is brought home from the hospital. The one thing to keep in mind is every time the baby cries, he or she is not hungry.

 Overfeeding is not healthy.  Sticking to a schedule is very important in the early years of childhood, because it prevents snacking in between meals in later years that can lead to overeating. Most family’s meals are Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Preventive measures to take to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Milk & Dairy  
Meat (lean meat, poultry, fish)
Vegetables (dark green vegetables, orange vegetables, dry beans, peas, and other nutritionals such as corn and potatoes) Teaching a child to eat in small portions is very important. If they want more after eating the smaller portion, they should be able to have more. Overeating and too many snacks between meals are problems to avoid. A few healthy snacks between meals should be allowed if the child is hungry.

From crib to adult years exercise is very important. When babies are placed on a quilt on the floor, they can move around easier, and have closer contact with the parents and family. This aids in crawling and walking a lot sooner. There are many things parents can do to help their children get the proper exercise they need.

Jumping rope
Playing balls


Having a set time for each meal is very important, it prevent snacking before meals that can prevent eating the most important food. If a child is not hungry during the meal because they are filled from snacks, they aren’t going to eat, or if they are encouraged to eat, this will add extra calories and will lead to weight gain.  And it sends a message to the brain to eat, even though the child isn’t hungry, that is carried through teenage years and into adult years.

 How we prepare meals and scheduling are examples we set for our children.  Keeping a cookie jar and candy in the house was never something I have done. It was not a traditional thing in my childhood. As parents, we pass much of our cultural traditions to our children. We have to be careful to determine what is good and what is not. I have shared with you the things that have worked for my family and myself, that prevented obesity in our childhood and in our adult years.

By:  Ellen J. Barrier
Published Author/ Medical Professional

Books on Childhood Obesity
Overweight: What Kids Say: What's Really Causing the Childhood Obesity Epidemic
Overweight: What Kids Say:
What's Really Causing the Childhood Obesity Epidemic
By Robert A. Pretlow MD

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__ Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Medical Professional /

Autism is one of a group of serious developmental problems called autism spectrum disorders (ASD) that appear in early childhood — usually before age 3. Though symptoms and severity vary, all autism disorders affect a child's ability to communicate and interact with others.

The number of children diagnosed with autism appears to be rising. It's not clear whether this is due to better detection and reporting of autism, a real increase in the number of cases, or both.

While there is no cure for autism, intensive, early treatment can make a big difference in the lives of many children with the disorder.

Social skills

Fails to respond to his or her name
Has poor eye contact
Appears not to hear you at times
Resists cuddling and holding
Appears unaware of others' feelings
Seems to prefer playing alone — retreats into his or her "own world"

Children with autism generally have problems in three crucial areas of development — social interaction, language and behavior. But because autism symptoms vary greatly, two children with the same diagnosis may act quite differently and have strikingly different skills. In most cases, though, severe autism is marked by a complete inability to communicate or interact with other people.

Some children show signs of autism in early infancy. Other children may develop normally for the first few months or years of life but then suddenly become withdrawn, become aggressive or lose language skills they've already acquired. Though each child with autism is likely to have a unique pattern of behavior, these are some common autism symptoms:

Some researchers have suggested environmental factors may play a larger role in triggering autism than was previously thought.  
Written by: Ellen J. Barrier
07/7/2011 12:15 P.M

Ten Things Your Student with Autism Wishes You Knew


How to Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed
Chapter 7  God's  Healing Power in Demonstration when Medical Science Failed
View on Website @

Author __ Ellen J. Barrier
Medical Professional / Product  Consultant  


Bipolar disorder is characterized by cycles of depression and mania, a euphoric, high-energy state that can result in heightened levels of creativity or output as well as erratic or risky behavior. People with bipolar disorder are at high risk of substance abuse and suicide, and treatment includes psychiatric care and medication.

About 2.4% of people around the world have had a diagnosis of bipolar disorder at some point in their lifetime, according to the first comprehensive international figures on the topic.

The United States has the highest lifetime rate of bipolar disorder at 4.4%, and India the lowest, with 0.1%.
However, fewer than half of people with the disorder were treated by a mental health professional, and only a quarter of those in lower-income countries sought treatment, according to the 11-nation study in the March issue of Archives of General Psychiatry.

However, fewer than half of people with the disorder were treated by a mental health professional, and only a quarter of those in lower-income countries sought treatment, according to the 11-nation study in the March issue of Archives of General Psychiatry.

The U.S. ranked higher in every category of bipolar disorder as did, in general, other high-income countries. One exception was Japan, which had a lifetime prevalence of 0.7%. Colombia, a lower-income nation, also bucked the trend with a relatively high prevalence of 2.6%.

The study included people with either bipolar I or II. Bipolar I has the more severe symptoms (both depression and mania) and bipolar II has less severe symptoms.
Despite the regional variations, there were many similarities across the countries studied, including comparable symptoms and the fact that many people with bipolar disorder also had another mental health problem, usually an anxiety disorder (most often panic attacks).

No matter where people lived, bipolar disorder caused serious problems and impairment. About three-quarters of people with depression and half of those with mania said their symptoms disrupted their work or social life and relationships disorder. For other uses, see Mania (disambiguation).
Manic episode
Classification and external resources
ICD-10 F30.
ICD-9 296.0 Single manic episode, 296.4 Most recent episode manic, 296.6 Most recent episode mixed
MeSH D001714


Mania, the presence of which is a criterion for certain psychiatric diagnoses, is a state of abnormally elevated or irritable mood, arousal, and/ or energy levels.[1] In a sense, it is the opposite of depression. The word derives from the Greek "μανία" (mania), "madness, frenzy"[2] and that from the verb "μαίνομαι" (mainomai), "to be mad, to rage, to be furious".[3]

In addition to mood disorders, individuals may exhibit manic behavior as a result of drug intoxication (notably stimulants such as cocaine or methamphetamine), medication side effects (notably steroids), or malignancy. However, mania is most often associated with bipolar disorder, where episodes of mania may alternate with episodes of major depression. Gelder, Mayou and Geddes (2005) suggests that it is vital that mania is predicted in the early stages because the patient becomes reluctant to comply to the treatment. The criteria for bipolar do not include depressive episodes and the presence of mania in the absence of depressive episodes is sufficient for a diagnosis. Regardless, even those who never experience depression experience cyclical changes in mood. These cycles are often affected by changes in sleep cycle (too much or too little), diurnal rhythms and environmental stressors.

Mania varies in intensity, from mild mania known as hypomania to full-blown mania with psychotic features including hallucinations, delusion of grandeur, suspiciousness, catatonic behavior, aggression, and a preoccupation with thoughts and schemes that may lead to self neglect.[4] Since mania and hypomania have also been associated with creativity and artistic talent,[5] it is not always the case that the clearly manic bipolar person will need or want medical assistance; such people will often either retain sufficient amount of control to function normally or be unaware that they have "gone manic" severely enough to be committed or to commit themselves ('commitment' means admission to a psychiatric facility). Manic individuals can often be mistaken for being on drugs or other mind-altering substances.

Written by: Ellen J. Barrier
06/25/2011 4:52 PM

   The Bipolar Teen: What You Can Do to Help Your Child and Your Family 

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Imitation Love: How it Relates To Health

Nakema McKnight
Owner/Instructor at Cut It Up Hair Gallery

True-Lust is an emotion that comes to offset love. It is truly the enemy of Love because it tries to take love's place in your heart. You can be in love with a person, but then another person can come along to try to imitate love and distract you from the real love. That's why God is against adultery, because when you cheat on your spouse, you are really imitating the love you really have, and breaking your commitment to them. And you also hurt them to the point, where you feel that you may not have really been in love with them in the first place.

When you do that, God is angry because he knows that the lust you are feeling is not of his spirit and it will not last, but you may desire to break off your real love because the lust has caused you to doubt it! Lust does not last! Love does! If you act on lust, it will bring forth sin and sin punishes itself in the natural and then punishes eternally in the afterlife. 

The enemy has fruits of his own spirit, and lust is one of them. When you are in love with someone, the enemy will come along to break up that love. He is the enemy of love, because he has never loved, and cannot love! He cannot love because love is God and if he loved, it would bring glory to the father of love, GOD! So, he tries to plant his spiritual seeds into your mind and heart by creating lust for forbidden things. But understand, God is not forbidding you to lust or commit sexual perversions because he wants to stop your fun, but God is trying to save your life.

Diseases, murder, loneliness, heartaches, discontentment, low self worth, bitterness, shamefulness, and spiritual death are all consequences of acting on lust. God wants you full of joy and living above all these things. He doesn't want you to grow the fruit of the devils seeds, but he wants you to live according to his promises! So, he defies lust with true love, and when we really love, we will defy lust and follow the real love that we have for one another.

New Sew In Technique
Braidless Sew-In
@Cut-it-Up Hair Gallery schedule your 1st system this week!! All hair types and textures welcomed. Inbox or call 903-645-7039 or level!!

Information on Sexually Transmitted diseases:

The Price We Must Pay For Our Father's Sins
Authors: George C. Barrier Sr., & Ellen J. Barrier
ISBN: 978-0-9794043-1-3
Copyright© 1997              

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Love and Forgiveness How It Relates to Health

Pamela Nunley

                Product Consultant
                School Teacher

"Can You Love Without Forgiveness?" was written by Pamela Nunley.  She noted in this article the importance of forgiveness. She gives detail information on the whole meaning of love, from a biblical standpoint of view and from the human emotion of passion. Pamela explains the struggle many have with forgiveness and the need to ask for spiritual intervention, in the book titled, POWER!

Noting the relationship between health and  forgiveness, Pamela states, " If you are in distress where you feel like everything you do turns out wrong, and you're sick and tired of being sick and tired you are just the person I am writing to."

Margine Mims, gives us a deeper understanding of what its like to live with a deep depression due to stress she suffered having suffered the loss of her husband, son, and grandson, who passed away within short periods of time. She gives details of the struggle she had with her health due to this metal disorder, and how she overcame it.

POWER!   ISBN: 978-0-9794043-2-0
Authors: Pamela Nunley & Margine Mims
Co-author: Ellen J. Barrier

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Nutrition and Exercises for Strengthening and Toning 1


Ellen J. Barrier
Author / Medical Professional
Spirituality Counselor 

We must use the knowledge God has given us and realize that when we fail to eat the proper foods,  and to take care of our bodies, we put ourselves at risk to endanger our health.  In this book, chapter eight, lists the proper foods to eat, and the kinds of exercises to do to relieve tension,  and calm the nerves,  and to tone the body.  Listed below is an illustration with some of my exercises from this book.

How To Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed
ISBN: 978-0-9794043-0-6
Authors: George C. Barrier Sr., & Ellen J. Barrier
Copyright© 1994


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