Drug-Resistant Germs

The outlook for drug resistant germs means a threat of new diseases.
Hospitals throughout the world are faced with the threat of new diseases, due to the most potent antibiotics on the market, are becoming weaker. Many germs are resistant to every known drug. The spread of drug-resistant microorganisms have the infectious disease experts concerned.
There are presently more than 100 antibiotics on the market. In the past, doctors have been able to use them as alternates. The fear is that there will come a day when there will not be any alternates to prescribe. Their concern is for patients who receive antibiotics to treat diseases caused by drug-resistant germs, is the inconvenience and financial loss that ends in no cures.

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Written by Ellen J. Barrier
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Book: Volume 2 Chapter V: The Cause of Sicknesses and Diseases
From The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins
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