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I'm going to address stress, because  it is the cause of depression and anxiety. It  is a mental or emotional pressure within the mind that is the root cause of mental disorders. As a nurse I worked with both young and older patients who suffer from mental disorders. Many of the medications, dosage had to be increased due to after a period of time, the present dosage no longer helped. Then there were times when the patient became over medicated and became too drowsy. And of course, some of the medications didn't help any.

Symptoms of Depression:                                 Symptoms of Anxiety:
Worrying                                                              Worrying, irritability
Low energy level                                                  Fear for no reason
Low sexual interest                                              Pounding heart
Forcing oneself to get things done                       Frequent head aches
Irritability                                                               Trouble sleeping
Poor concentration                                              Restlessness
Feeling of hopelessness                                      Poor concentration
Depressed moods                                               Indigestion
Difficulty sleeping                                                 Dizziness

Recommended to read: Chapter 14
"How To Deal With Stress"

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