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Omega food and health products provide important benefits to our health. Their food sources plays a significant role in the treatment for ailments and also, provide preventive measures to guard against other health issues.

This product has been known to show successful improvements in reducing the symptoms of Psoriasis: A skin disorder, that reveals redness, itching and scaling. This skin condition, is marked by tiny oval or round patches covered with silver scales. These red itchy areas, normally appears on the back, buttocks, elbows, palms, knees, scalp and on the soles of the feet.

Foods containing Omega -3 are found in mackerel, sardines, salmon, soy beans, wheat germs, nuts, seeds (Pumpkin and Sunflower) whole grains, processed vegetable oils, soy and safflowers.
Omega-3-5-6-7-9 products are available to help support good health and wellness in the brain, heart, joints and skin. Their nutrients provides vital nutritional aides to maintain a healthy body.

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The Threat of the Zika Virus

The World Health Organization has declared Zika Virus Disease as a global public health emergency.

The major threat of the Zika virus is to a pregnant woman and her unborn child.
If a mother to be is infected with the Zika virus during her pregnancy, her  unborn child becomes infected with that virus. The threat to the child is being born with birth defects linked to the Zika virus. Zika virus disease reportedly carried by mosquitoes has been linked to thousands of babies, having been born with underdeveloped brain

Neither a vaccine nor prophylactic medications are available to prevent the Zika virus infection as of this date.

What is Zika virus? 

Zika virus is a mosquito-borne single-stranded RNA virus.
fever, rash, joint pain, and red eye are said to be the most common symptoms.

How is Zika virus transmitted?

The spread of Zika virus can be transmitted through sexual contact. (New Update )

This information is based on the fact that a person living in the United States has been infected with the Zika Virus Disease through sexual contact with another person, after that individual returned from another country.

The Zika virus is transmitted to humans primarily from the bite of a mosquito after it has bitten an infected person who has the Zika Virus: When that same mosquito bites a human being, the Zika virus from the mosquito enters into that person’s blood. This person is now infected with Zika virus. It is fair to say that if this infected person is bitten by non- infected mosquitoes or other insects, this virus is passed on and transmitted to other human beings through bites and skin penetration from these Zika infected species. And now has been discovered to be transmitted from human to human through sexual contact. 

This is the information from those who has been following the cases, of those who have been infected by the Zika virus. At this particular time, some are saying, there is very little information they can give on this virus.

 “Zika virus is transmitted to humans primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito. Aedes mosquitoes are aggressive daytime biters and feed both indoors and outdoors.  Zika virus can be transmitted from a pregnant mother to her fetus during pregnancy or around the time of birth. We do not know how often Zika perinatal transmission occurs. In the Americas, Zika virus is primarily transmitted by Aedes aegypti, but Aedes albopictus mosquitoes can also transmit the virus.”

Here is some helpful information Provided:

CDC recommends that all pregnant women consider postponing travel to areas where Zika virus transmission is ongoing (10). If a pregnant woman travels to an area with Zika virus transmission, she should be advised to strictly follow steps to avoid mosquito bites (11,12). Mosquitoes that spread Zika virus bite both indoors and outdoors, mostly during the daytime; therefore, it is important to ensure protection from mosquitoes throughout the entire day (13). Mosquito prevention strategies include wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants, using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)–registered insect repellents, using permethrin-treated clothing and gear, and staying and sleeping in screened-in or air-conditioned rooms. When used as directed on the product label, insect repellents containing DEET, picaridin, and IR3535 are safe for pregnant women (14,15). Further guidelines for using insect repellents are available online ( (11,15).

 written by Ellen J. Barrier
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Little Chicky Exercise Program by Ellen Jean Barrier

The Little Chicky Exercise Program has been a big success for me. I created this exercise program when my dress size went from a size 10 to size 12. Since I have been using this method to burn calories, I am down to a size 8. The black dress I am performing in is a size 8. It is proof that the Little Chicky Exercise Program is a great success. Follow my instructions in the video, and enjoy your holiday shopping for the dress size you want to wear.

The Black Dress

The most popular item in a closet is the black dress. This garment is a lady’s best friend. Among all the items in our closets, the black dress is our favorite. It is often called “The Little Black Dress”
I designed my own little black dress. It is designed with short black laced sleeves and collar. The back of this dress is shoestring laced from the hips to the top. Each side of the dress is shoestring laced from the hips to the sleeves.

Video:   Little Chicky
By  Ellen Jean Barrier

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Drug-Resistant Germs

The outlook for drug resistant germs means a threat of new diseases.
Hospitals throughout the world are faced with the threat of new diseases, due to the most potent antibiotics on the market, are becoming weaker. Many germs are resistant to every known drug. The spread of drug-resistant microorganisms have the infectious disease experts concerned.
There are presently more than 100 antibiotics on the market. In the past, doctors have been able to use them as alternates. The fear is that there will come a day when there will not be any alternates to prescribe. Their concern is for patients who receive antibiotics to treat diseases caused by drug-resistant germs, is the inconvenience and financial loss that ends in no cures.

Source of information
Written by Ellen J. Barrier
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Book: Volume 2 Chapter V: The Cause of Sicknesses and Diseases
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Accepting Responsibility for Your Health is Necessary

Health Information for Nutrition by Ellen J. Barrier

In our daily life being able to accept responsibility for our judgment is absolutely necessary.
We start with our health, and character. It is our decision to choose the food we eat, whether we want to exercise and how we behave toward others.  A healthy attitude reduces stress that can cause body aches and discomfort.
Eating the right food and getting the nutrition needed for your body to function properly and exercising is making a rational judgment  by accepting the responsibility for your health. Having self-control is important.  For Example, a vegetable salad with lots of shredded cheese and dressing staked  on top is an unhealthy salad.
 When  I get a box of chocolates, I will eat 1 or 2 pieces of the candy. I do not eat the whole box of chocolates.
If we allow ourselves to eat without having limits as to how much we should eat, we risk allowing the food to control us. Poor health is the result of poor health habits, caused by poor judgment.
How much we eat and how the food is prepared is important to our health.

Meat that is broiled, baked, or grilled, are preferable to me for good health. Steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, cereal, and nuts are good food sources. In the book, How to Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed  Chapter 8 NUTRITION God’s Way For Mankind, the reader will find the following information.
Recommended Food Groups For Proper Nutrition
Foods Containing Protein
Foods Containing Carbohydrates
Foods Containing Iron
Table of Vitamins
Exercises to Relieve Tension and Muscle Toning Illustrations
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Foreign Objects Inserted in the Body Orifices for Sexual Pleasures Can be Harmful

Woman Lose a Thermometer in Her Bladder

I assisted the urologist on this case

At 10:00 a.m., on a weekday morning, a young woman was brought into the operating room in a state of fright. Her X-rays revealed a thermometer cross way inside her urinary bladder. When asked how did the thermometer get into her bladder?  She stated, “My girlfriend and I were playing around with the thermometer to see how hot we could get, and I lost the thermometer.” 

Because of the position of the thermometer in her bladder, the urologist could not remove it, and had to get a surgeon to perform a major operation on this woman, to remove the thermometer from her urinary bladder.
The urologist informed me that in all the many years of his profession, he has never witnessed anything of this nature. He said, he has removed match sticks from the urethral meatus of some males, who insert them in their penis to maintain an erection.

*Foreign objects inserted into the urethral meatus, or any part of the body orifices for sexual pleasures can be dangerous to do. It can cause an infection that can lead to serious complication, resulting in a medical procedure to remove the object or major operation.

 Written by: Ellen J. Barrier

Healthy Eating On Vacation

When you are on vacation, you may be surrounded by fast food options, theme parks filled with food such as cotton candy and funnel cakes, and a lack of exercise opportunities.  In addition, the long hours spent traveling by car or plane does not benefit a healthy lifestyle.  Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks you can take to make your vacation as healthy as possible.
Prior to Departure
Some of the worst eating on a vacation comes in the airport. For this reason it is extremely important to ensure that you eat a hearty and nutritious meal prior to your departure so that you don’t feel the need to indulge in the temptations in the airport. If you have a long layover make sure to pack along some healthy snacks that you can munch on. If need be try to navigate the airport to find a healthy salad or grilled chicken meal that will fill your belly while providing you with healthy essentials.
Researching Healthy Hotel Options
When you are planning your vacation, try to find a health conscious hotel and area. Pay special attention to amenities around the hotel and area, such as pools, fitness rooms, and breakfast included in the hotel.  This can be difficult but I’ve found is most effective by browsing various websites to research travel reviews.  When you read the reviews, try to discover what is included in the hotel breakfast.  Hotels often include a selection of yogurt and fruit in their continental breakfast, which is a healthy alternative to waffles and bacon. Ask about nearby walking trails or other fitness related activities that are within walking distance to your hotel.  These would be a good way to keep your fitness level up while you are away from home. I took a trip to Miami of late and found a great site that allowed me to read reviews regarding the hotels, restaurants, and even things to do. This helped me to find a work out class nearby on the beach in the morning right by my hotel!
Snacks for Your Hotel Room
If your hotel has a small refrigerator in the room, consider purchasing yogurt, string cheese, or fruits to keep in the room.  The protein and complex carbohydrates in the oatmeal and cheese will help keep you feeling full for a longer period of time. This will help you avoid the temptation of the hotel vending machine or room service when you get hungry. 
Another idea to help you eat healthy and save money is to bring a small crockpot on your vacation. You can make simple and healthy meals in your hotel room, such as chicken, rice, and steamed vegetables. 
Eating Out At Restaurants
When you do need to eat out on vacation, it can be hard to find healthy alternatives that taste good.  Look on the restaurant menu for key words such as baked, broiled, or grilled.  Ask for sauces on the side and remove the skin from chicken.  Making these small substitutions will save calories while not affecting the taste of your meal. 
If you have a choice of a side dish with your meal, add extra steamed or fresh vegetables.  This will give you more food for a small amount of calories, and you will also get the added bonus of nutritious vitamins. If you do not feel like you are getting a wide variety of nutrients on vacation, consider bringing your regular multi-vitamin with to supplement your food choices.
By taking these tips into consideration when you are planning your vacation, you will be able to incorporate healthy food options into your trip and avoid calorie-laden junk food.  Bringing your own snacks, researching hotels, and smart restaurant choices are all things you can do to keep you healthy while on vacation.
 by Cole Millen

To stay healthy we must protect our immune system by eating nutritious meals. To keep my immune system healthy while traveling, I carry a bottle of Noni Juice and some nutritious snacks. These health products can be found on  the Morinda website @
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