Menopause & Physical Fitness

 During the lifetime of a woman, her body will encounter many changes. She will experience her menstrual cycle, one or more pregnancies, and menopause.  With each of these conditions, she will experience a different change in her body, which will be both physical and psychological.

    If the woman doesn’t adequately care for her health, she could become seriously ill. When experiencing menopause, it is helpful to visit with other women, who have experienced this medical ordeal. The best care is to have a good diet, that consists of plenty fruits, and vegetables. Drink lots of nutritious liquids and water.  Including Vitamins & Minerals in the diet, are helpful. Rest as often as possible, and exercise daily.

About Menopause

Menopause, is the cessation of menstrual cycles. It occurs between the age of 35 and 58 years of life. A woman’s menstrual cycles may stop suddenly, or there may be a decrease in flow each month, until there is a final cessation, or the interval between periods may be lengthened, until complete cessation has been accomplished.

Some Symptoms To Look For
Feeling hot and cold

   The best advice I can offer, is how I prepared myself for menopause. It is definitely an experience, that every woman should begin preparing her body for, in early twenties. Most women think that menopause, won’t began until around the age of 50. And they won’t prepare many years earlier. When they began feeling some of the symptoms, they start buying vitamins & minerals, and exercising. Physical fitness, is more than exercising.

_ Ellen J. Barrier

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Diabetes affects the very young as well as the old. There are several kinds of diabetic diseases: brittle, bronze, insipidus, juvenile-onset and mellitus.  Treatment consists of diet, insulin and exercise. With the proper care those who have diabetes, can function as well as, those who don't have it. They have the adequate education to understand their body and the disease.  For those who don't have the information they need, and for those who are some-what careless, with their health, the outcome could be a life threatening situation.

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__ Ellen J. Barrier
Medical Professional / Product Consultant

Fibromyalgia affects an estimated 5.8 million Americans.  Symptoms include chronic pain in  muscles, fatigue, stress, painful and tender points in certain parts of the body.  Pain and other symptoms can be relieved through medications and changes in lifestyle. Having a diet and exercise regimen is important, to aid in proper nutrition and stress management.  Another term used for Fibromyalgia is FMS, (Fibromyalgia Syndrome).  Listed below are books on this medical condition.

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