Ellen J. Barrier

 According to a recent report on autism, there seem to be an increase in the number of cases detected.
" It's not clear whether this is due to better detection and reporting of autism, a real increase in the number of cases, or both,"  the author of the report, informed. There is no cure for autism,  although, early treatment can  help.

Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. It is one of a group of serious developmental problems called autism spectrum disorders or (ASD). Parents who have children with this disorder, can help educate our society regarding symptoms, and how best to care for children with ASD.
In The News: July 4, 2011
Researchers in California suggest environmental factors may play a larger role in triggering autism than was previously thought. 

Report 08/13/2011

How to Help Eliminate the Hidden Enemy that Triggers Autism
"A new scientific review reveals there are a host of peer-reviewed, published theories that show possible connections between vaccines and autism. The author of the review, Helen Ratajczak, did something that no one else has apparently bothered to do -- review the complete body of published science since autism was first described in 1943."


Ellen J. Barrier

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