Food and Nutrients

There are essential nutrients that we need to consume in order to have a healthy body. 

Protein provides amino acids for body growth and tissue repair. 

Vitamins produce varieties of processes, such as the production of energy inside body cells and the growth and division of cells. According to report on nutrition, a total of 13 vitamins must be provided by the diet. 

Minerals are chemical elements, such as calcium and iron, they are needed for growth and to facilitate processes that occurs within the body. There are said to be 16 minerals that must be provided by the diet.

In the diagram we see fruits, vegetables, and fruit juice along with cheese. These are all good nutrients. Meat and poultry are also good food items to choose in our diet.

Meat and Poultry are Sources of Protein

These are some other important sources of protein, minerals and vitamin B. To lower the fat intake from meat, removing the skin is recommended. Poultry contains less iron than red meat does, according to report on nutrition. Examples of lean meat: beef, lamb, pork and veal.

Poultry: chicken, duck, goose, and turkey.
Organ Meat: liver, brain, kidney and sweetbread.
Eggs (excellent source of protein)
Fish  (good source of protein)

Note: Ocean fish is said to contain iodine and selenium in useful amounts. Darker fish such as salmon and tuna was reported to contain more fat than cod and flounder, the whiter fish. The fat in the oily fish is higher in unsaturated fatty acids, the desirable type for those having a high blood cholesterol level.

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