Freedom and Peace Requires an “All Hands on the World Approach”

To pursue freedom and peace, we must come together as one people to fight against things that prevent freedom and peace.   We start by taking an “All Hands on The World Approach”
Elect leaders who work to solve problems rather than cause them. All Leaders should be willing to Solve their differences with leaders of other countries peacefully.  War should not be an option in this modern day period.

Vote leaders out of their positions who are dividing the citizens by their bias behavior with certain people.  A leader should have the best interest of all the people in his or her plans to carry out the job he or she was elected to do.

 Spiritual Leaders should always stand with the people and demand righteous behavior from elected politicians. When righteousness prevails, all of the people needs are met.

The Fight against Violence

It is clear that many young people are committing acts of violence against others, and destroying property.  This behavior is out of control. The teachings of moral values and personality traits have been ignored in many families. The results are a society of violent behavior that has made our world unsafe. Some parents are afraid of their children. This should never be the case.

Two Brothers Kicked of their Elementary School Due to Bad Behavior

The mother of these two children told me they are in third and fourth grade.  And that she does not understand why her children are so bad.  She said she has to teach them herself, because they are too bad for school.  Her problem is fear of being attacked by her sons.  She said when she went into their bedroom to get them up to begin their homework they chased her out, and told her to stay out of their room!  According to the mother, their father lives in the same house with the three of them.

Problems caused by out- of-control- behavior; that exists in many families are released into society.  The responsibility rests upon the shoulders of all of us to work together, and do the job these parents have not done. Those who have children in their care, the schools; and our spiritual leaders can help teach children and their parents, the importance of having respect for others, and for themselves.

Let's place our hands on the world, and work together for freedom, and justice for all people.  
And peace will exist in the world.

*These are health issues we are dealing with worldwide: hunger, diseases, sicknesses, and loss of lives that makes this of a serious concern in the health industry and to others.  

Recommend to Read:  Volume 5
The Cause of Sicknesses and Diseases
This volume is filled with medical knowledge from the study of Microbiology and Biblical that gives us insight of how sickness and disease entered into the world.

__Ellen J. Barrier

Author/Medical Professional

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