Depression is a Cry for Help

Signs: worrying, irritability, ,sleeplessness, hopelessness, low energy and sadness.
Depression is a Cry for Help

The depressed person needs someone to trust.
 He or she is in need of someone to open up to, and express
 their innermost feelings.

 The need is to trust someone with his or her personal feelings. 
They need a shoulder to lean on that is supportive and trustworthy.
Most people aren’t looking for advice. They only want someone who
will listen to them and understand their need, and is patient with them.
Meeting the depressed person at his or her point of need is important.

The depressed person can’t heal, by holding their feelings inside.
Willing to allow them to cry if they should tear up, letting them know
you are there for them is love expressed.
Sometimes Love is the best medicine.

__ Ellen J. Barrier
Medical Professional

Barrier 's Health & Fitness Mall 

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