Little Chicky Exercise Program by Ellen Jean Barrier

The Little Chicky Exercise Program has been a big success for me. I created this exercise program when my dress size went from a size 10 to size 12. Since I have been using this method to burn calories, I am down to a size 8. The black dress I am performing in is a size 8. It is proof that the Little Chicky Exercise Program is a great success. Follow my instructions in the video, and enjoy your holiday shopping for the dress size you want to wear.

The Black Dress

The most popular item in a closet is the black dress. This garment is a lady’s best friend. Among all the items in our closets, the black dress is our favorite. It is often called “The Little Black Dress”
I designed my own little black dress. It is designed with short black laced sleeves and collar. The back of this dress is shoestring laced from the hips to the top. Each side of the dress is shoestring laced from the hips to the sleeves.

Video:   Little Chicky
By  Ellen Jean Barrier

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